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the Great Pyramid

Little understood, the Giza Plateau is the most sacred place on Earth. The truth behind its structures, lost in an antiquity which predates ancient Egypt, is so wondrous, marvelous, stupendous and yet re-assuring that few can imagine the revelation of it. Here Joel has set down some very “rational” and “physical” observations which point, for those who can grasp their significance, to the “unworldly” accomplishments of the Great Beings who were the true builders of these wonders.



I am well aware of the scientific shortcomings of the observations made on this site conderning the Great Pyramid and Giza Plateau. I stepped onto the plateau armed only with a camera and no thought of what to expect. Nor had I the idea that I would be using the photos that I was about to take to mount any kind of evidence of anything. That said the implications of the observations I did make only began to make themselves felt over the weeks and months following. Hence I regretted not being able to go back and take measurements and more photos in an attempt to methodically document what I had seen (not that I would have easily been allowed to do so).

Nonetheless, the pictures that I am presenting here are quite articulate and I feel quite convinced that they hold clues of some significance in understanding just a small sampling of the extraordinary construction features at Giza. That others will not be so convinced is something I fully accept and am prepared for. For I consider the theses presented in need of further on site investigation and scientific verification by any number of different methods. Should I be given the opportunity in this life to do this, I shall indeed consider myself blessed. If not, it is up to others better situated and equipped to do this in the service of humanity. For it is my firm belief that the Giza Plateau holds an astonishing and magnificent legacy, the likes of which few have dared glimpse in their loftiest conjectures of the significance of this unique and sacred place.

My thanks for your patience in reading the above disclaimer.

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I would personally like to thank Earlyne and Robert Chaney of the Astara Foundation for their superb metaphysical teachings, John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, Amina Spengler, Grace Sears, Gouda Fayed at the Sphinx Guest House and Nicholas Cashmore all of whom played beautiful roles in introducing me to Egypt for the first time in this life.

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