Men willingly believe what they wish.

Julius Caesar

It must be remembered that people will believe what it suits them to believe about the Giza Plateau. And what suits any particular person can be based on a multitude of complex factors; comfort zones, prior studies, successful careers, emotions to name just a few. Stepping outside the box of the generally accepted academics views is a place many just don’t want to go because it would prove too disruptive of their past work or perspective. This is not a condemnation. It is a recognition of human nature and the trouble we all have in thinking along new lines and altering the opinions which seemed to have provides us comfort in the past.

The engineering and construction marvels of the pyramids and many astonishing features around them speak for themselves if one has a profound understanding of these areas of expertise. Very few do however, and so it is common and perfectly understandable that opinions of why, how, and who built the pyramids will extend only as far as the limits of expertise and training allow.

Beyond having engineering and stone cutting expertise, as one essential form of knowledge which needs to be added to scholarship when studying the pyramids, there is also the little understood faculty of intuition which must remain an invisible aid outside of scholarship. Intuition is little understood, because it is little developed and fleeting in most. However, this ability to “know” something without having the so called “factual evidence” before one, is merely the re-activation of the conscious connection between the lower consciousness as expressed in the physical state and the higher self. To use Egyptian terminology, a connection between the incarnated Ba, (Osiris, the eternal resurrecting principle of the soul, trapped in the physical box cunningly crafted for it by Seth, the principle which diminishes consciousness by attracting it to matter) and the divine Akh or monad, a star among the imperishable ones, which “knows all things.”


The purified body or Sah, the Ba, the Akh.

In the beginning intuition is likely to be unreliable because the connection has not been properly established. This is due first to lack of attention to the intuitive messages being sent, second, because there is no commitment to practices aimed at strengthening and increasing the reliability of such. Reversing these tendencies is essential in order to activate proper intuition and begin to develop it into the direct connection of knowing held by the fully conscious eternal being. This goal was the essence of the initiatic teachings and mystery schools which lay at the heart of Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Intuition may be likened unto a voice on the other side of a door which in order to be heard is knocking upon it. One hears the knock but ignores it preferring to close off a source of knowledge or communication from a higher realm and trust the realm of the physical as brought to us through the senses. One does this because one often has no recognition of one’s higher self, therefore, the knock is something to be ignored through practice. This would seem to make understanding and decision making simpler, when in fact it leads one into innumerable areas of illusion and error. Listening for the knocks, allowing the door to open, paying attention to the voice, requires both patience and a conscious determination to do so. Success is slow in coming. In most it accumulates over thousands of years. Others may devote themselves to techniques to greatly speed up the process.

What begins with the rather imprecise idea of intuition develops more precisely into the awakening of the third eye, or brow chakra. Both are high milestones on the journey which manifests the cosmic consciousness of the Akh in the lower realms of matter or they physical body. The accomplishment of this feat allows one to see past the physical dimension into other spiritual dimensions or higher realms of vibration. More importantly it allows one to perceive the true inner nature and motives of all life forms. It also may allow one to see into the past as the crown chakra above begins to unfold and open to cosmic consciousness.

The techniques for accomplishing this require eternal patience and devotion for complete success. Every effort made, however, is a concrete step towards ultimate unfoldment. Many of the great traditions of yoga and meditation hold practical methods. Yet it is not easy for most people, drawn by the distractions of body and world, to find the discipline and motivation to pursue such techniques.

You amuse me, you who seem worried that I impose impractical studies upon you. It does not only reside with mediocre minds, but all men have difficulty in persuading themselves that it is through these studies , as if with instruments, that one purifies the eye of the soul, [the Pituitary/Pineal] and that one causes a new fire to burn in this organ which was once obscured and as though extinguished by the shadows of the other sciences, an organ whose [functioning] conservation is more important than ten thousand eyes, since it is by it alone that we contemplate the truth.


Plato: The Rebuplic, VII, 527 d, e

One may claim, as I do that many of the structures at Giza were built by divine beings, Gods, Space beings, all being imprecise terms for those high up in a Universal Divine Hierarchy of which we ourselves are inseparable. The pharaohs themselves were often close to manifesting or actually did manifest or fully connect with their own divine selves. The same was true for many high initiates of the Mysery Schools. But what’s  the chance that a person who has no belief or concept of the higher self could accept such a view? Nil. That there could be any such a “reality” would seem utterly fantastic and ridiculous to them. To these I simply say contemplate and examine yourself and all that exists. There is a voice within which speaks all truth but one must let go of the noise of the mind to hear it. Acquire an understanding of your own true, divine and eternal nature which steps limitlessly beyond the confines and boundaries of the physical body and this minute jewel of a planet. For such generic terms as Gods, divine beings, aliens are merely references to our own intrinsic nature awaiting self-realization. For our consciousness will pass through many forms and many states of being, some more enlightened some less, as it journeys beyond death in a process of constant resurrection and manifestation towards our limitless source of self.


Suffice to say that while others will be drawn to the sorrowful depths of debasement and deception fed to Herodotus by the priests of Egypt in order to deflect the stone hearts and profane minds of a fallen race from the sublime and sacred truths, I am drawn to a vision so grand, so mighty in unworldly splendor, so tender and refined in the harmonies of light and sound as summoned by Universal laws undreamed of, that I see in the builders of the Great Pyramid the Divine and ALL Loving Saviours and Parents of the World.